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Silent Night

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Helping others

Aidan and Ava asked their friends to bring change to their 8th birthday party instead of gifts. They wanted to collect money to help someone their age go to school in Mozambique, Africa where they have lived each summer since they were 2 years old. How much did they raise with the help of their friends and family? Enough to send one student in Mozambique to go to school for an entire year!!!!!! That is $480. We are so thankful to be able to sponsor a child for a year and Ava and Aidan are already talking about doing it again next year. Christa and I are grateful to serve at Children’s Relief International where $40 a month allows a child to attend a Christian school, receive a hot lunch, have regular health checks, and hear about Jesus’ love for them. To learn more about sponsoring a child in Mozambique, click here. Aidan and Ava both said this was the best birthday, yet!



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Every had one of those days? One of those weeks? Sometimes it can even feel like one of those months, ha! Today has felt like one of those days. Christa would tell you it has been one of those weeks. The unexpected happens from time to time in our lives. I try to embrace the unexpected but it is not always easy. Especially when the unexpected doesn’t seem so nice. I didn’t plan on having to go to the dentist today and having a tooth pulled. I didn’t plan on while I was at the dentist my wife would call and leave a voice message that our van was having mechanical problems and the check engine light was on. The unexpected can overwhelm if we allow it. My mouth is still sore this evening but not nearly as painful as it was the other night when I couldn’t sleep because of my tooth. When we switched our health insurance this year something unexpected occurred, we were able to have dental coverage. Tonight, I am especially thankful for that. After taking the car in to the service center to be looked at we unexpectedly did not have to pay and the check engine light is off and it is running well. Sometimes the unexpected can be nice. I am fully aware that tomorrow I could have another tooth that needs to be fixed or that our car may decide to stop running. That would be unexpected and inconvenient as we are almost a week away from moving to TX. As we get closer to saying goodbye to NY the unexpected can seem like distractions. I am beginning to realize that the unexpected is to be embraced as it is part of the journey.

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Since the kids were born in June 2006 we have lived in 5 different homes in the USA and 4 different homes in Mozambique. You can make that 6 homes in the USA once we move to Rockwall, TX next week. That’s a total of 10 homes in 8 years. Moving that much helps to minimize the stuff that you accumulate over time. Christa is a pro at donating clothes, shoes, toys, and household items that we simply no longer need. Each house that we have lived in as a family carries with it special memories. How can we forget Aidan getting macaroni and cheese stuck up his nose at our first house or Ava falling out of our bed as a baby and getting stuck between the mattress and the night stand? Laughter, tears, joy, and sadness were all present where we have lived. Family and friends were and always will be welcome. As we move to Rockwall, we look forward to creating more memories as a family. It is only a matter of time before our first trip to the ER in Rockwall with an injury. Ava and Aidan have both expressed a desire to be baptized in our new church. The journey from New York to Texas has created many great memories already. As we move we want to embrace the memories that are being created right now.


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In 10 Days I will be boarding a plane to Texas as our family moves across the country to Rockwall to serve at the headquarters of Children’s Relief International. I will be posting each day from now until then if you want to join us on the journey. Christa and I from the time our kids were born have always told them that “home” is wherever we are as a family. Our home is not based on a house, city, village, or location. Home for us, is when we are all together.

It is not easy to say goodbye to family and friends. We have many close relationships that make this difficult. I look back when I first left my home as a teenager to go to college and am thankful for what my parents taught me then. My parents dropped me off as I would not have a car on campus and was 5 plus hours from home. Not too far, but far enough to not visit on a regular basis. I can remember looking out my dorm window as they drove away with tears rolling down my cheeks. My best friend and I were there in our room, alone, as our parents returned home.

My mom and dad left me a note that I opened that night. It was written on blue construction paper with a marker and they had made an envelope as well with my name on it. I have kept it these 20 plus years through all my moves. This is what it says.

Your leaving home isn’t easy for us, but it’s part of life. Over the years we’ve watched you change from a sweet little baby we brought home from the hospital, to a fine young man. So many memories! Now you are on another stage of your life, and we look forward to more wonderful memories.
We’ve always loved you and supported you, that will never change. You make us very proud and happy to be your parents.
All our love,
Mom & Dad

Christa and I are blessed to have parents and family who love us and support us. Our kids have grandparents who love them and want the best for them. As we make our move to Texas we do not go alone. Our parents and family go with us. They will always be a part of our home. Always!


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